March 2011

Family & Friends

Here's a place for me to share pics and links for my family and friends. Will be adding stuff in here later.

LightNet: Classic

The classic LightNet is an advanced LightWave ScreamerNet replacement developed by Schoenmaekers Raf ( then released as open source and updated to work with LightWave3D [6] through [10] by me, Joe Justice.  I continued development in new features and improvements for several years.

How-To use LightNet: Watcher

LightNet: Watcher is a separate application used for sending commands to the server, managing the server and viewing it's state. It is configured on the Watcher tab in LightNet: Cloud.


No known bugs at this time.

Tips and tricks


How does LightNet: Watcher operate?


How does LightNet: Cloud operate?



Frequently asked questions.

How-To create a FTP server

The easiest and most accessible FTP server for Windows users is probably FileZilla (which also has a very good client). You can get the server here:

And find the documentation here:

How-To add computers to your render cloud

I have had many email conversation with people that try to relate LightNet: Cloud to how other render farm controllers work. This is very problematic because LightNet: Cloud works differently.

I really hate to front-load a how-to with a lot of background information. I'm sure you're looking for a nice recipe style step by step experience. Unfortunately, there are a few things I need to lay out so that I'm sure everyone is on the same page.