How-To use LightNet: Watcher

LightNet: Watcher is a separate application used for sending commands to the server, managing the server and viewing it's state. It is configured on the Watcher tab in LightNet: Cloud.

How-To Prepare a scene for LightNet:Cloud

For an onsite scene, the content information is simply a path, you do not need to package and zip the content for onsite rendering. However, this does mean that all onsite PCs must have access to this path. The easiest way to accomplish this is to have a mapped network drive to the content's location. Full network paths with also work. So \\FileServer\CDrive\MyContent will work or Z:\MyContent will work as long as Z:\ is mapped to \\FileServer\CDrive

How-To Setup LightNet: Cloud for the first time

Want to get up and running with LightNet: Cloud? First you'll need a couple of things:

Then follow a few steps:

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