Developing LightNet: Cloud


I developed LightNet: Cloud using a Pascal based IDE called Lazarus. Lazarus is a a very cool, relatively easy to use and powerful IDE that's part of the Free Pascal Project. It is a cross platform, open source and free alternative to Delphi, which was the programming IDE that the original LightNet was developed with.

Now I say Lazarus is relatively easy to use because no programming languages are easy to use, they just have varying learning curves. So with programming is hard enough as it is, if you're at all familiar with programming, your first question might be, “Why on Earth did you use Lazarus instead of a programming language more common like Python or gool 'ol C++?”

  • Lazarus is open source, cross platform and has it's own visual toolkit built right into the IDE

  • The IDE itself is fantastic!

  • Lazarus is a really incredible, one-stop RAD (Rapid Application Development) solution. If you know anything about the Pascal language, you can accomplish a lot in a short period of time.

  • Lots of people are familiar with the Pascal language syntax. I learned it way back in High School with Turbo Pascal and a lot of that translated directly to Lazarus.

  • There's lot of on-line support of generic Pascal programming, Goolge is your friend here.

  • The Lazarus and Free Pascal websites have lots of great documentation.

  • I've discovered that Pascal was much more popular outside of the United States than in the US. So it's very accessible for non-US developers and there are a lot of non-US Lightwavers

Here are some links to sites to get you started with Lazarus and Pascal in general.

Lazarus Homepage:

Lazarus Documentation Wiki:

Lazarus Forum:

Complete Free Pascal on-line manual:

A good series of basic Pascal lessons:

Additional information or LightNet: Cloud developing

In addition to installing Lazarus, you will need to install the lNet package. You can download lNet here: And here's a tutorial on how to install a package in Lazarus: