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LightNet: Cloud v1.8 Released

Grab it here:

This has a lot of good new features with a focus on fleshing out Watcher. Be sure to check out the change log.


LightNet: Cloud source code released

I got the source code for LightNet: Cloud all LGPLed and have included it in the latest release of version 1.5.4. I also put together a little overview of how to develop LightNet: Cloud along with an explanation of why I chose the IDE I chose.

LightNet: Cloud v1.5 Released!

I just released Lightnet: Cloud version 1.5. You can grab it here:

This is a significant update with a lot of new features and a totally new file transfer system under the hood. Most of the documentation still applies as it is, but I will be updating things is the coming weeks. Make sure you check out the change log to find out what's new and how to update from v1.0

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